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Discover what our patients and colleagues have to say about our office and patient care. We take pride in our 5-star reviews and the esteemed reputation we've built in both the San Mateo and Beverly Hills communities.

I can't recommend Dr. Etefia enough. An excellent child psychiatrist, who demonstrates not only the highest degree of expertise but also that he really cares. Very far from the psychiatrist that just prescribes medication. His advice and insights have been priceless. And he's always there and highly responsive. He was extremely helpful to my family and we are very grateful. I'll also add that Lanie, his medical assistant, is always kind and highly responsive, and the communication is very easy.

Asaf B.

Dr. Kenneth Etefia helped our teenager through a very difficult time and gave us the tools to help him get past the crisis and grow in character. In sharp contrast to other psychiatrists, Dr. Etefia had great insight into our son, made efficient use of his and our time, and provided a useful diagnosis and actionable plans.

Chris O.

Caring, committed, and life-changing. Thank you!

Jenny W.

Kenneth saved my life. That's short answer. I came to him for help as the first time admitting I have a big problem I could not deal with. Losing everything. Three years later I finally got it. 5 months sober and life gives me gifts I not supposed to get. Thank you doctor! Everything you said was right, I tried to find my own way, through denial and anger, and finally acceptance - I am making it! Highly recommend to all struggling with chemical or emotional problems. Five stars! Forever grateful client.
Oh yeah, very responsible, gentle, non-judgement style, calm and reserved. You will feel like improving your own well being. There is no way around. Do the first step. Give him a call.

Eugene V.

Dr Etefia probably has a better understanding of me than what I do of myself. He patiently listens and triggers the right neurons by asking questions.

Sina F.

I would give this office 6 stars if I could! Dr Etefia was wonderful with my son and myself. Knowledgeable, intuitive and kind, and a excellent communicator. And Lanie is the best assistant ever! Super nice and super efficient at the same time. I consider myself very fortunate to have found Dr Eteffia, he has changed my family for the better.

Francesca C.

Dr. Etefia and I currently share care of several complex patients and I rely on his vast experience, expertise, and knowledge of cutting edge and evidence based practices delivered with warmth and compassion. I frequently recommend him with confidence.

Lisa L Hancock
Psychologist, PhD, MBA

Dr. Etefia is a brilliant, highly knowledgeable and empathic psychiatrist who combines medical expertise with deep psychodynamic insight. He is highly collaborative and supportive as a colleague which has benefited our mutual clients immensely.

Allyce Bess
Marriage & Family Therapist, MFT

Dr.Kenneth Etefia is such a competent and collaborative psychiatrist. He is incredibly communicative with other providers, like myself. Dr. Etefia is genuinely invested in his patients' well-being. He goes above and beyond. Patients love him!

Debbie Diaz
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW

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